Hands of Artisans: Natural Dye Ikat of Flores

Hands of Artisans: Natural Dye Ikat of Flores

Ikat (to tie) is a textile dyeing technique in which patterns are created by tying the resist strings onto the threads prior to dyeing and weaving. This complicated textile-making process, in addition to the elaborated dye extraction from plants, leave many in awe and wonder: how do they do that?

Fret no more!

aNERDgallery invites Cletus Beru, Chairman of Doka Tawa Tana, a weaver association from Flores, Indonesia, to breakdown the ins and outs of natural dye ikat. Since 2010, Cletus has been an active advocate of preserving the art of natural dye ikat weaving and developing the weaver communities in his hometown Maumere.

Join us in this special one-day event to take pleasure in the beautiful textile ikats and converse with the artisans to learn about the deep connections that they have to the art form as well as to Mother Nature.

Event Program:

Flores Natural Dye Ikat Showcase, 11 AM - 6 PM, Free admission

Take a look at the collections of Natural Dye Ikat from Flores and get yourself a piece of art and heritage, or maybe a few more as Christmas presents.

Hands of Artisans: Natural Dye Ikat of Flores 11 AM - 12 PM, Free admission

Cletus Beru will be sharing the basics of tenun ikat process as well as his personal journey in helping the weavers community in his hometown.

Natural Dye Ikat Masterclass 2 PM - 5 PM, $100, $180 per pair

In this masterclass, Cletus Beru will be going through the different steps of natural dye ikat process including:

Cotton yarn processing: from seed separation to cotton spinning;
Ikat process: tying dye-resist string onto the cotton yarn;
Natural dye extraction and yarn dyeing to get a range of colours from indigofera, turmeric and sweet leaves;
Weaving on a traditional loom;
Demonstration of handheld loom for home projects.

This masterclass will be a fun and interactive session and is suitable for people of all ages. Participants, together with all their five senses, will be involved and challenged in every part of the process!

Price includes a pack of naturally dyed strings, a set of recycled wooden handheld loom and a ball of natural cotton/jute yarn, tea, snacks and, of course, LOADS of fun and colourful memories.

About the organiser(s)

aNERDgallery, the first Singapore-based art platform specializing in textile arts with a focus in Indonesian batik and tenun. The mission is simple: to connect artists and communities to decode and to understand the culture, technological development and historical significance of these ancient art techniques.

The Green Collective

Let’s make sustainability mainstream! This is what The Green Collective SG is looking to achieve. As Singapore’s first collective concept, The Green Collective looks to provide a platform for local sustainable brands to showcase their products and services and work towards achieving the UN SDGs.

All Tickets sold are non refundable!
Sat Nov 9, 2019
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM SGT
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Hands of Artisans: Natural Dye Ikat of Flores Talk 11 AM - 12 PM FULL
Natural Dye Ikat Masterclass (Singles) 2 PM - 5 PM SOLD OUT $100.00
Natural Dye Ikat Masterclass (Pair) 2 PM - 5 PM SOLD OUT $180.00
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#02-18, Funan Mall, 107 North Bridge Road Singapore
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